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The Bagel Exchange wants to be part of breakfast & lunch for your special gathering. We serve breakfast and lunch on our fresh baked authentic New York Bagels. We mix our own cream cheeses which are the perfect spread for sweet or savory bagels. The Bagel Exchange has the right combination for any gathering.

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Bagels & Cream Cheese

Regular Size (serves 10-12) A dozen sliced sweet & savory bagels, accompanied by tubs of plain, vegetable & choice of our fresh mixed, sweet cream cheese.   23.99 *

Large (serves 16-18) Eighteen sliced sweet & savory bagels, accompanied by tubs of plain, vegetable and your choice of two of our fresh, mixed sweet cream cheeses.   28.50 *

Muffin & Scone Assortment

Regular Size (serves 10-12) Assortment of twelve freshly baked muffins & scones.   19.99 *

Large Size (serves 16-18) Assortment of eighteen freshly baked muffins & scones.   24.99 *

Eggs on a bagel with meat and cheese

Regular Size (serves 10-12)   44.99

Large Size (serves 18-20)   78.99

Smoked Salmon & Bagels
(serves 10-12)

A full side of sliced smoked salmon served with two tubs of cream cheese, capers & red onions. Accompanied by a collection of savory bagels.   79.99 *

* Please place orders by 2 p.m. the day prior to your event. Decorative Catering tray additional charge

Lunch Time Crowd-Pleasers

Group Sandwich Assortments

Regular Size (serves 10-12) Ten sandwiches, halved & (12) 4oz side salads    59.99*

Large Size (serves 16-20) Fifteen sandwiches, halved & (20) 4oz side salads   84.99*

Our sandwich assortment is a variety of Black Forest & Swiss cheese, Smoked Turkey& Provolone Cheese and Gourmet Chicken Salad served with our fresh baked bagels and a few wraps mixed in.

Sandwiches can also be prepared on Wraps if requested. Lettuce and tomato included. Plates, napkins, utensils, and condiments also included.

*Decorative Catering tray additional charge


Coffee, soft drinks and bottled water – Call for pricing.

If you need recommendations on what to order for your group, feel free to ask.